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Optimization Method Considering Human Factors for Cell Manufacturing System
While manufacturing is increasingly automated and robotized, the labor-intensive cell manufacturing system still occupies an important position in the manufacturing industry. Since operator skills greatly affect the productivity in labor-intensive cells, effective skill training of operators is required. On the other hand, in order to cross-train operators, more detailed planning for training is needed. In this research, an optimization method for operator-allocation focusing on the progress of operator skills and productivity is proposed.

Optimization process that takes into account the human factor in the cell production system

A Research on the Production Scheduling Method with Transportation by Using Lagrangian Decomposition and Coordination
Efficient transportation among machines is an important topic in flexible manufacturing systems. Therefore, in this research the Lagrangian decomposition and coordination method (LDC) and the heuristic method are applied to the manufacturing scheduling problem which contains transportation among machines in the aim of high-efficient transportation and optimized scheduling.

Production scheduling which takes into account the transport

An Application of Combinatorial Auction to Global Sales-Production Management integrated Production Systems
The number of companies having production/sales sites all over the world is increasing. The optimal scheduling method, which can ensure the profits at all sites, is hence required. The combinatorial auction method is introduced to optimize the production scheduling problems for the global supply chain in this research.

Configuration of global production system

Optimal Operation Methodology for Automated Storage/retrieval System in Warehouse
Due to the recent growing importance of efficient operation of product distribution, automated storage/retrieval systems have been commonly employed. Double-deep storage systems, which save a lot of storage space, attract attention because of the needs for cost reduction and the increase in larger-scale distribution centers. The aim of this study is to simultaneously optimize the storage assignment and the storage/retrieval scheduling for automated double-deep storage systems by using combinational auction which can effectively allocate multiple items.

Optimal operation system of automated warehouse with a combination auction

Fast Solution of Operation Test Schedule in Semiconductor Manufacturing by Massively Parallel Computation
Nowadays, when it comes to semiconductor manufacturing, the hardness of the operation test of IC-chips is increasing because of its denser integration and wider variety. In this research we consider the distribution of chips in lot-formation, that is, we decide when and to which tester we should distribute chips in order to make an optimal schedule. When we take real scale problem into consideration, the calculation will become large, so we are attempting to perform massively parallel computation in order to solve this problem faster and effectively.

Massively parallel optimized scheduling of semiconductor test process

Cost Minimizing Scheduling with considering Lot Formation and Set-up in Flexible Flowshop.
In the manufacturing system with lot formation, various decisions have to be made referring to lot formation, machine to be used, processing order, etc. And also, in the factories with such systems, manufacturing process needs many incidental /adjustment works, causing higher manufacturing cost. The aim of this research is to minimize the cost by optimal scheduling considering lot formation and setup in large-scaled flexible flowshop.

The decomposition process scheduling by Lagrangian Decomposition and Coordition Method

Real-Virtual Fusion Manufacturing System
In Flexible Manufacturing System, there is a great deal of external fluctuation (order change or delayed delivery of materials) and uncertain incidents (machine trouble or process tardiness). Therefore, it is difficult to execute real production according to the schedule planned in advance. In this study, a new concept based on Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), named Real-Virtual Fusion Manufacturing System(RVF-MS), is newly proposed, which aims to adaptively and effectively deal with both external and internal fluctuations by realizing a fusion between real production floor(real system) and manufacturing model(virtual system). The proposed RVF-MS is verified by using a model plant.

Real-Virtual fusion production scheduling

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